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Vitamin C Kojic Acid Cream

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L-Ascorbic Acid

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Description of Vitamin C-Kojic Acid Cream

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid acts as antioxidant. It's important function is collagen synthesis. Vitamin C is vital for skin cells and prevents damage caused due to ultraviolet rays. Kojic acid is used as skin whitening agent. Both helps in skin rejuvenation and maintains youthful skin. Kojic acid is a chelating agent and is released from fungus Aspergillus oryzae.

Mechanism of action of Vitamin C-Kojic Acid Cream

Vitamin C is been used as antioxidant. During detoxification free radicals and oxygen molecules are produced, Vitamin C scavenges those products. The cream or soap having Kojic acid gets absorbed into the skin in the cellular layers and restricts dark pigmentation of the skin. Kojic acid brightens skin tone by diminishing melanin pigments in the skin.

Dose recommendation of Vitamin C-Kojic Acid Cream

Before applying wash your skin with mild soap and let it dry. You must apply a little amount of cream on skin area, which needs to be lightened. Rub gently so that it gets absorbed in the skin layer. It is most effective when applied at night once daily.

Conditions for which Vitamin C-Kojic Acid Cream is used

Vitamin C Kojic acid cream are often incorporated in skin care products to replenish skin health. As Vitamin C helps in an even tone of skin, improves hydration, acts as anti-aging and brightens your skin. Kojic acid is incorporated in many skin care products for lightening scars and bleaches skin of your face and any other body part.

Contraindications of Vitamin-C and Kojic Acid combination

  • Vitamin-C and Kojic acid formulations if causes an allergic reaction on your skin, then stop applying those formulations.
  • Vitamin C Kojic acid cream should not be used by children unless prescribed by a pediatrician.
  • Always tell your doctor, if you are breastfeeding your child.

Precautions you should follow while applying Vitamin-C and Kojic acid combination

  • Before going out cover your skin as you are more prone to skin burns.
  • Avoid its long-term use as it may cause skin sensitivity.
  • A Large dose of Kojic acid is carcinogenic so avoid its long-term use.

Side effects of Vitamin-C and Kojic Acid Combination

There are rare side effects with this combination and some of them you may observe are:

  • Increased skin sensitivity
  • Itchy skin, redness, breakouts
  • Inflammation of skin, burning sensation of skin

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