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Buy Trileptal 300mg Tablets

Buy Trileptal 300mg Tablets - Generic Oxcarbazepine 150mg

Generic Oxcarbazepine 150mg - Trileptal 300mg Tablets

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Oxcarbazepine a Generic of Trileptal works as an anticonvulsant medicament. It lowers the nerve impulse that triggers seizures. This can be used either alone or in combination with another drug to relieve seizure. It acts on the brain and controls seizures as long as you take this drug.

Give the role of Trileptal in combating seizure

Monohydroxy metabolite causes blocking of voltage-sensitive sodium channels leading to stabilization of hyper excited neuronal membranes, blocking repetitive neuronal discharge, and diminution of transmission of synaptic impulses. This will help in controlling seizures.

Give the dosage design about Trileptal

The dose for epilepsy: The adult initial dose is 300 mg orally, two times per day, that is increased in increments of 300 mg in a day every third day as indicated clinically. The maintenance dose is 300 to 1200 mg two times per day via orally. The maximum dose you need to use is 1200 mg two times per day orally.

Geriatric dose: The initial dose is 300 to 450 mg once per day orally that is to be increased as 300 to 450 mg per day on weekly intervals.

Give the contraindications with Trileptal

  • Do not lactate your child while using this medicine as this passes in breast milk.
  • Never use when you have any allergies with this drug.
  • Do not use in pregnancy state without doctor permission.

Give the safety measures with Trileptal

  • Tell your doctor if you have depression, mood swings, suicidal thoughts, hepatic disorder, or renal disorder.
  • Ask a doctor before giving to children.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks as these elevate side effects.
  • This medicine interferes with your thought process so stop getting involved in harsh tasks.
  • Avoid getting dehydrated during exercise.
  • Call your doctor if you observe worsening symptom.

Give the consequences of Trileptal

Some side effects with Trileptal are a weakness, tired feeling, giddiness, tremors, vision problems, fever, cold, flu-like symptoms, headache, double vision, vomiting, stomach pain, and indigestion. 

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