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Buy Temodar 100mg Capsules

Buy Temodar 100mg Capsules | Temozolomide 100mg

Generic Temozolomide 100mg - Temodar 100mg Capsules

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Temodar 100mg capsules are a very helpful medicament for the prevention of different types of tumors in the brain. The specific tumors of brain are glioblastoma multiform, anaplastic oligodendroglioma and astrocytoma. This drug widely helps to hinder the growth of cancer cell in the brain and in the body.

How Temodar 100mg Capsules Produces Its Action In The Body?

Temodar 100mg capsule is a chemotherapeutic agent. Temodar 100mg capsules contain active constituent Temozolomide, which is member of group called oral alkylating agent. Temozolomide binds with DNA of cancer cells and causes their methylation. Due to the methylation, the death of cancer cell occurs, preventing further growth.

In What Condition Temodar 100mg Capsules Should Not Be Used?

  • If you are taking immunization and vaccination then use of Temodar is not safe.
  • Temodar 100mg capsules should not be consumed if you are allergic to this drug.
  • Temodar capsules should not be given in kidney, liver and blood disorder.
  • Temodar 100mg capsules are not safe in hypersenstivity reaction.

What Is The Effect of Other Drug On Temodar 100mg Capsules?

  • Temodar 100mg capsules should not be used with Clozapine it will increase the risk of adverse effects.
  • It should not be consumed with Valproic acid; it is also increase the side effects of the drug.
  • Temodar 100mg capsules should not be given with steroids and anti seizure medicine.

How You Should Take Prescribed Dose of Temodar 100mg Capsules?

Take one capsule of Temodar 100mg once in a day. Take this drug on an empty stomach with a glass of water. Everyday take the medicine at the same time. Do not change the time daily for taking medicine.

What happens if you miss the dose of Temodar?

If you miss the dose of Temodar then try to intake the dose as early as you remember. Keep in mind, do not intake double dose.

What happens if you consume overdose of Temodar?

If accidently a patient consumes a large amount of Temodar and you see the side effects of the drug like wheezing and trouble in breathing then immediately call a doctor or take help from poison control.

How Should You Store Temodar 100mg Capsules?

Store Temodar 100mg capsules in an air tight container. Store Temodar 100mg capsules at room temperature. Do not keep the drug in refrigerator. Keep the drug away from the access of children and pets.

What Are The Possible Side Effects of Temodar 100mg Capsules?

Side effects are infrequently found symptoms in people who are taking Temodar 100mg capsules. These uncommon symptoms are: wound infection, hearing impairment, tiredness, increased sugar in the blood, allergic reaction, face swelling and loss of appetite.

What Is The Safety Precaution Should You Take Before Using Temodar 100mg?

  • Use of Temozolomide is avoided by pregnant women because it may harm the baby.
  • Temodar 100mg capsules should not be taken if you are taking any herbal product.
  • Always use protection at the time of physical intimacy if you are taking therapy with Temozolomide.

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