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Buy Tamilong 20mg Tablets

Buy Tamilong 20mg Tablets - Generic Tamoxifen 20mg

Generic Tamoxifen 20mg - Tamilong 20mg Tablets

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Tamilong 20mg tablet is a medicament which is used to prevent the growth of breast cancer in women. Tamilong 20mg tablets also used for the treatment of breast cancer which is induced after surgery and radiation therapy. Estrogen is an important hormone for developing breast cancer. Tamilong 20mg tablets interfere with the effects of estrogen in breast tissue.

How Tamilong 20mg Tablets (Tamoxifen) Works?

Tamoxifen is an active constituent of Tamilong 20mg tablets. It act as an anti estrogen inhibitor or non steroidal agent. It binds to the estrogen receptor and change the expression of estrogen dependent genes. Which reduces the DNA polymerization and form impaired DNA. Due to this the abnormal cancer cells will not grow.

What Is The Contraindication of Tamilong 20mg Tablets (Tamoxifen)?

  • Do not take this drug if you are allergic to it.
  • Tamilong 20mg tablets should not be taken by pregnant or breast feeding women.
  • Tamilong should not be consumed in liver disease or in high cholesterol level.
  • Tamilong 20mg tablets should not be taken if you are taking chemotherapy.
  • Tamilong tablets may interfere with certain laboratory test (thyroid test) and the possibility of causing false result.

What Are The Drug Interactions Of Tamilong 20mg Tablets (Tamoxifen)?

  • Do not take Anastrozole if you are taking Tamilong 20mg tablets.
  • Tamilong 20mg tablets should not be consumed with anticoagualnt drug (Warfarin).

How You Should Take Tamilong 20mg Tablets (Tamoxifen)?

It is taken orally with a full glass of water. The maximum dosage of Tamoxifen is 20 mg daily. You can take 20 mg once in a day or you can divide in two halves, one is in morning and one is in the evening. You can take this medicine with or without food.

What happens in case of miss dose?

If you miss the dose then take the dose as soon as possible. Beware do not take double dose.

What happens in case of over dose?

If you consume the over dose of the drug and you see the over dose symptoms like shaking, fainting and irregular heart beat then instantly call a doctor or take  help from poison control.

What Is The Storage Condition For Tamilong 20mg Tablets (Tamoxifen)?

Store Tamilong 20mg tablets in air tight container at room temperature. Avoid the excess of children. Keep away the drug from heat and moisture.

What Are The Possible Side Effects of Tamilong 20mg Tablets (Tamoxifen)?

Active ingredient of drug may cause some side effects include: hot flashes, nausea, muscle ache, loss of physical ability, dark urine, yellowish eye, dizziness and trouble breathing.

What Are The Special Precaution Should You Follow Before Taking Tamilong 20mg Tablets?

  • Tamilong 20mg tablets can pass from body fluid, so if a person is taking Tamilong. She should use contraception method at the time of physical intimacy.
  • If you are taking Tamoxifen then avoid becoming pregnant till about up to 2 months of finishing the course.
  • Tamilong 20mg tablets causes dizziness, so do not use machinery or drive car when taking this drug.

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