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Rexobol 50mg Tablets

Buy Rexobol 50mg Tablets - Generic Stanozolol Tablets

Generic Stanozolol Tablets - Rexobol 50mg Tablets

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The medication active ingredient is Stanozolol that is best suited for all including animals and humans. However, is immensely beneficial for women. Rigorous intake of medicine builds up muscle and heightens virility of both men and women. The medicine enhances appetite, improves bone mineral density and heightens the red blood cell count in blood to an appreciable level. 

Action mechanism of Rexobol:

The medicine is a synthetic form of anabolic-androgenic steroid that depicts its therapeutic effect by binding to the androgen receptors present in the cell membrane and functions via promoting the cell growth also called anabolism and shoots up the development and maintenance of masculine characteristics.

Dose regime for Rexobol:

Take a tablet of Stanozolol 50mg, daily once in a day for 6-8 weeks for muscle building and improvising performance in men and the maximum dose can be reached is 100mg/day whereas in women the daily intake dosage is 25 mg and that also on every alternate day.

Pernicious effects of Rexobol:

The intake of medicine perhaps develops some pernicious effect that includes premature epiphyseal closure, cholestatic jaundice, virilism, impotence, gynecomastia, Priapism, hirsutism, decreased interest in sensuality, menstrual irregularity, edema, and acne is also one of the major cause after medicine intake.

The Prudent foresight of Rexobol:

As a prudent foresight the patients who are suffering from any disease of vital organs such as cardiac, renal or hepatic then they prior its usage must go for a liver function test, hematocrit, hemoglobin check, glucose tolerance, and thyroid function test.

Dissuasion of Rexobol:

The use is not recommended for patients with hereditary angioedema and in premenopausal women also those who are allergic to the active constituent present in medicine.  The use of medicine is strictly contraindicated in pregnant women and lactating mothers or patients with prostate or breast cancer and hypocalcemia. The medicine is not for pediatric and geriatric use.

Interactions with Rexobol:

The medicines such as insulin, sulfonylureas, and anticoagulants might develop resistance in the action of medicine.

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