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Buy Ovral L Birth Control Tablets

Buy Ovral L Birth Control Tablets

Generic Levonorgestrel & Ethinyl Estradiol (.15/.03mg) - Ovral L Birth Control Tablets

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Ovral L Pill is effective birth control pills which are used to prevent you from unplanned pregnancy and it is also indicated in the management of abnormality in menstrual periods and dysmenorrhea. This drug is a combination of medicine that includes 50mcg of Ethinyl estradiol and 0.5 mg of Norgestrel.

Ovral L birth control pills prevent the release an egg from the ovaries and decrease the sperm motility both this prevent the fertilization of the egg with sperm, eventually pregnancy could not occur.

Who Should Not Take Ovral L Pill (Birth Control Pills)?

Following females are contraindicated for Ovral L Pill-

  • If a woman is suffering from severe headache
  • Liver problems
  • In endometrial or breast carcinoma
  • woman who has a history of heart attack & stroke
  • Problems of blood clots in the lungs and eyes or legs,
  • high blood pressure

Which Other Medications Interact With Ovral L Pill (Birth Control Pills)?

Ovral L birth control pill shows drug interactions with other drugs and the resulting consequences may be dangerous for the women who are taking it. The drugs which show drug interactions with Ovral L are Tamoxifen, Atorvastatin, Cephalosporins, Chloramphenicol, Aspirin, Ritonavir, Phenytoin, Anastrozole, Penicillins and Carbamazepine.

What Are The Doses And Directions of Ovral L Pill (Birth Control Pills)?

Ovral L strip contains total 21 tablets. It should be taken orally with a glass of water with or without food. A female should take one pill of Ovral L pill on a daily basis for 21 days in a row, subsequently after that she should take a break of 7 days. This therapy should be start from the first day of your menstrual cycle or from the first Sunday after your periods start.

What happens in case of missed dose?

If you want to get the proper therapeutic effect, then never try to miss a single dose of it. In case if you miss a dose then take 2 tablet in next, subsequently if you missed two tablets in a consecutive period of two days then take 2 tablets in 3rd or 4th day by counting from the period of missing dose period. Discard the pack if you missed continuously 3 doses in 3 consecutive days, and start with a new pack again.

Do not take overdose of this drug as it will produce its overdosing symptoms.

How To Store Ovral L Pill (Birth Control Pills)?

Ovral L birth control pill should be stored at room temperature away from heat, moisture and sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

What Are The Possible Unwanted Effects of Ovral L Pill (Birth Control Pills)?

The common unwanted effects of Ovral L pill are headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, stomach cramping, breast tenderness or enlargement, swelling in ankle and feet and vaginal bleeding.

What Are The Safety Measures That Need To Be Taken Into Consideration In The Course of Therapy?

In the course of therapy some safety measures are required to get the most benefit of Ovral L pill like avoid smoking or consumption of alcohol. A woman who is breastfeeding is prone to get Ovral L pill into her breast milk, hence she should avoid it. Keep a distance from the therapy, when you are struggling with high cholesterol level in your blood or LDL (low density lipids). Do not take it if you are planning to become pregnant.

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