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Buy Optivar Eye Drops - Azelastine

Azelastine Hydrochloride (a-ZEL-as-teen)

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Brief overview and functioning of Optivar Eye Drops

Optivar Eye Drops as name mentions are an ophthalmic preparation to be used for eyes only. Azelastine is the active component of Optivar eye drops. Azelastine is an anti-histaminic drug, thus, its main action is to diminish the release of histamines, which are accountable for causing itching or allergies. The common allergic condition of eyes is known as allergic conjunctivitis.

The way to use Optivar Eye Drops (Azelastine)

Optivar eye drops needs to be instilled as one drop for two times in a day or as suggested for you according to your condition. Before using the Optivar eye drops, always clean your hands and remove your contact lenses if you are putting them. After that, tilt your head backward and look towards an upward direction. Then place a drop of Optivar eye drops into your eye by making a pouch of your lower eyelid. Next to it, apply a firm pressure on the corner of the eyes with your fingers to prevent the drainage out of the eye drop. Follow the same in your second eye.

Optivar Eye Drops are not used for treating the redness or irritation in eyes because of contact lenses.

Contrary conditions for the use of Optivar Eye Drops

  • Optivar eye drops must not be used if your eyes are red due to any other eye problem or infection.
  • Allergic reactions to any constituent of Optivar eye drops make it unsafe for the use.
  • You should not use Optivar eye drops if you are in a state of pregnancy or lactation.

Side effects of Optivar Eye Drops (Azelastine)

A user using Optivar eye drops may encounter with some side effects such as-

  • Headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Stinging or burning sense in eyes
  • Bitter taste in mouth
  • Pain in eyes
  • Drowsiness
  • Swelling of face tongue or throat

Safety precautions while using Optivar Eye Drops (Azelastine)

  • Do not touch the tip of the dropper to your hands, fingers, eyes or any other surface, else, it can lead to drug contamination.
  • You should have to wait for at least 10minutes after using Optivar eye drops in order to use any other ophthalmic preparation or reinserting the contact lenses.
  • Discontinue the use if your condition does not improve even after a continuous use until your prescribed duration.

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