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Buy Ocuflox Eye Drops

Buy Ocuflox Eye Drops - Ofloxacin Ophthalmic

Generic Ofloxacin Ophthalmic - Ocuflox Eye Drops

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Brief overview of Ocuflox Eye Drops (Ofloxacin)

Ocuflox Eye Drops can be easily used to treat and prevent infection in the eyes allied with conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers caused by certain bacteria in patients 1 year of age and older. Ocuflox eye drops consist of generic medicine known as Ofloxacin.  Generally, Ocuflox eye drops helps to get relief from bacterial infections either killing susceptible bacteria or inhibiting their growth.

What is the exact working of Ocuflox Eye Drops?

Ocuflox eye drops are made up of Ofloxacin, belongs to the class of Fluoroquinolones. It acts on the enzymes called DNA gyrase and topoisomerase IV that prevents the excessive supercoiling of DNA during replication or transcription. This results in the inhibition of normal cell division and stops the growth of bacteria.

What is the correct dosing schedule of Ocuflox Eye Drops?

For the treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis: Initially, an individual has to instill one to two drops of Ocuflox eye drops every two to four hours in the affected eye. Then after two days, one to two drops of Ocuflox eye drops four times a day and the therapy is continued for seven days.

For the treatment of bacterial corneal ulcer: On the first two days, a person has to instill one to two drops in the affected eyes every 30 minutes, while awake. Then from day 3 to day 9, a person has to instill one to two drops hourly, while awake. From days 9 through treatment completion: A person has to instill one to stwo drops, four times a day.

What are the contraindications of Ocuflox Eye Drops (Ofloxacin)?

If you have allergic reactions with Ocuflox eye drops or had a severe allergic reaction to another Fluoroquinolones antibiotic, then don't use this medicine.

What are the safety measures to be followed while using Ocuflox eye drops?

  • If you're a pregnant lady or a breastfeeding mother, then use Ocuflox eye drops after consulting your doctor.
  • Ocuflox eye drops may cause blurring of vision, so don't drives perform other possibly unsafe tasks after using this eye drop.
  • It should not be recommended for children younger than 1 year of age, as the safety and efficacy of Ocuflox eye drops in children have not been confirmed.
  • Be sure to use Ocuflox drops for the full course of treatment, otherwise, your infection will not go to eradicate completely.

What are the annoying effects of Ocuflox Eye Drops (Ofloxacin)?

A person may face some annoying effects while using Ocuflox eye drops such as unclear vision, burning, stinging, redness, itching in the eyes, dryness of the eyes, eye pain, and watery eyes.

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