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Buy Mintop 2% Hair Fall Solution

Buy Mintop 2% Hair Fall Solution - Minoxidil Topical Solution

Generic Minoxidil - Mintop 2% Hair Fall Solution

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Mintop is a brand name for Generic Minoxidil, which is efficient and effective in treating the condition of hair loss. In advised concentration range, men and women both can use Mintop solution for hair loss. Thus, Mintop (Minoxidil) is accountable to prevent further loss of hair and promotes hair growth.

Working Mechanism Of Mintop-

Minoxidil present in Mintop solution brand is a vasodilator medicament, which helps to widen the blood vessels and open up the potassium channels. This allows the proper supply of oxygen, nutrients, and blood to the hair follicle for hair growth and preventing hair fall. 

The Way To Use Mintop-

Mintop 2 encompassing Minoxidil is a topical solution, which is used as a 1ml solution at the scalp or hair, for two times in a day, once in morning and one during the evening. The dosing duration is generally for 4months or can be longer depending on your condition. Do take precaution that it does not get into eyes or any other area.

Adverse Effects Of Mintop-

Skin rash, headache, edema, dry skin, itching, flaking of the scalp, redness, or dry skin, and growth of unwanted hair on face or body when used at other body parts are some adverse effects of the Mintop solution.

When Not To Use Mintop-

  • The Mintop solution should not be used if you have any allergic reaction to any ingredient of Mintop.
  • Mintop is not for children, geriatric people, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers.
  • Do not use Mintop if your scalp is already irritated, cut, itching, infected, or inflamed.
  • If you have any family history of hair loss, then inform your physician.

Safety Precautions While Using Mintop-

  • Mintop should not be used to any skin surface not intended for the use.
  • It is cautious to use Mintop solution during any health condition and inform your physician before using Mintop solution.
  • Avoid taking any other medication or topical solution without consulting your physician.

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