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Buy Differin Gel 0.1%

Buy Differin Gel 0.1% - Generic Adapalene

Generic Adapalene -Differin Gel 0.1%

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Short overview of the product Differin Gel (Adapalene Gel)

Differin Gel contains Adapalene as an active chemical ingredient. Differin Gel is a topical formulation and is widely used to regain blemish free, soft and glowing skin. The compound is quite similar to vitamin A. Differin gel is used to manage severe acne troubles in a patient above 12 years of age over the face, neck, and back. Differin gel assists the patient from getting rid of the spot, blackheads, and acne.

Mode of action of Differin Gel (Adapalene Gel)

Differin gel active ingredient Adapalene belongs to the class of retinoid like compounds. The retinoid class compound has an activity to prevent the synthesized cells from getting clamped to each other and combats the acne formation. Adapalene also exhibits its anti-inflammatory activity by reducing the soreness and irritation of the skin.

Dose Regimen of Differin Gel (Adapalene Gel)

Differin gel is available in 0.1 % (w/w) strength. The use of medication is for once a time daily. Apply the medication before going to bed after cleaning your face with a mild cleansing agent and then pat drying the same. One can use a moisturizer on their face if they are feeling that the skin is becoming dry, chapped.

Contraindications of Differin Gel (Adapalene Gel)

  • Evade the use of Differin gel if you are pregnant women or a breastfeeding mother, as it may pass to the unborn and may result in birth defects.
  • If you're hypertensive to Differin gel or its other components, then don't use this gel.

Interactions with Differin Gel (Adapalene Gel)

Do not use Differin gel along with alpha hydroxy or glycolic acid preparation.

Storage conditions for Differin Gel (Adapalene Gel)

Store Differin gel in a cool place away. But do not refrigerate. Keep away from moisture and direct sunlight.

Precautions for Differin Gel (Adapalene Gel)

  • Cover your face to prevent it from direct sunlight as it may cause sunburn because the sensitivity of skin increases on the application of Differin Gel.
  • Do not use skin products that cause irritation of face, such as astringent and lime containing face wash and cleansers. As this may aggravate the side effects and make the skin burning and itching and swelled too.
  • If you found any allergic reactions occurring on your face like irritation, redness, and peeling, then immediately terminates its use.

Side effects of Differin Gel (Adapalene Gel)

  • Avoid getting gel from sensitive areas like eyes, nose lips as it may develop irritation with the regions and burning the same.

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Great quality Review by Martha L. Stiver
Hi guys its great product and value for money (Posted on 11/14/16)

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