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Buy Coverit 2% Hair Solution - Generic Minoxidil

Generic Minoxidil - Coverit 2% Hair Solution

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Brief description of Coverit 2% Hair Oil (Hair Fall Solution)

Coverit 2% Hair Oil (Hair Fall solution) is especially recommended for the treatment of baldness and regrowth of hair. Generic Minoxidil is a main active constituent found in Coverit hair oil, which belongs to the category of Vasodilators. It is also used by the women for preventing the thinning of hair and also prevent hair fall in men and women.

Male pattern baldness is generally occurs due to imbalance of androgen hormones.

Generic Minoxidil works by increasing the anagen phase and reducing the talogen phase. Minoxidil also improves the blood circulation towards the scalp and improve the texture of hair by making them thicker, longer, and darker.

How you should apply Coverit Hair Oil (Hair Fall Solution)?

  • Firstly, you should divide your hair of scalp into two divided parts.
  • It is very important to wash your hands before or after using this oil.
  • You should use 20 drops of Coverit oil on your scalp with the help of dropper.
  • Coverit oil should be continuously applied for 4 months.
  • It should be applied twice a day i.e. morning or evening time.

Contraindications of Coverit 2% Hair Oil (Hair Fall Solution)

Coverit Hair Oil (Hair Fall Solution) is not applied in certain following medical conditions-

  • Hypersensitivity towards generic Minoxidil
  • Breathing problem or asthma
  • If you have any sort of allergy
  • In case of scalp itching, irritation and inflammation
  • Scalp diseases like cuts, wounds or eczema
  • Irritated, damaged or sunburned scalp skin
  • Breastfeeding and pregnancy

Drug Interactions with Coverit 2% Hair Oil (Hair Fall Solution)

  • Herbal preparations
  • Prescription and non-prescription hair loss treating drugs
  • Any other hair oil

Detrimental effects of Coverit 2% Hair Oil

Most commonly reported adverse effects of Coverit hair oil include itching, irritation, inflammation of the scalp. In some cases, you may face headache, drowsiness, uneven heartbeat, convulsions, and breathing issues.

Important safety instructions while using Coverit Hair Oil

  • Coverit 2% Hair Oil should be used on a daily basis without any break.
  • Children below the age of 18 years should not apply Coverit hair solution.
  • After application of this oil, if you face any severe adverse effects then you should avoid the application.
  • Avoid use of any other hair-fall treating drugs.
  • Coverit hair solution should be applied away from the fire or open flame as it is inflammable in nature.

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