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Buy Andriol Testocaps 40mg - Generic Testosterone Caps

Buy Andriol Testocaps 40mg - Generic Testosterone Caps

Generic Testosterone Caps 40mg - Andriol Testocaps 40mg

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Brief Description of Andriol:

Andriol 40mg Capsule is an oral medication that used in adult men for testosterone replacement to treat various health problems caused by a lack of Testosterone. Testosterone Undecanoate is the active ingredient present in Andriol that helps to alleviate problems such as infertility, low sex drive, tiredness, depressive moods, bone loss. Andriol 40mg Capsule is beneficial for those whose body is not able to produce enough testosterone of its own. It is also used to treat bone disease caused due to lack of Testosterone.

Mode of action of Andriol:

Testosterone Undecanoate shows its effects by activation of the androgen receptor (directly or as DHT), and by conversion to estradiol and activation of certain estrogen receptors. DHT-receptor complex undergoes a structural change that allows it to enter into the cell nucleus and bind to the specific nucleotide sequences of the chromosomal DNA. The areas of binding are called hormone response elements, and control transcriptional activity of certain genes, leading to the androgen effects.

Dosage Information for Andriol 40mg Capsule:

Andriol is available in the form of 40mg Capsules and is to be used orally with sufficient quantity of water. The recommended dose for adults with hypogonadism is 3–4 capsules daily for the first 2–3 weeks, followed by a gradual decrease to 1–3 capsules in a day. It is important to take this medication exactly as prescribed by your doctor. You should take capsules with food and swallow them as a whole without chewing them. If you miss a dose, take it as soon as possible and continue with your regular schedule.

Possible side effects of Andriol 40mg Capsule:

 Common side effects include increased estradiol, fatigue, insomnia, and aggression. Seek medical attention immediately if the side effects worsen or persist.


  • Do not use Andriol if you have or have had a tumor of your prostate or breast, or are suspected to have one of these tumors.
  • Avoid using Andriol if you are suffering from severe kidney disease.
  • You should not use this capsule if you are allergic to Testosterone Undecanoate or any of its ingredients.

Precautions to be taken while using Andriol Capsules:

  • Take advice from your doctor before use if you have conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure or blood vessel problems, diabetes mellitus, kidney disease
  • Use with caution if you have ever had high cholesterol level or other fatty substances in the blood.
  • Andriol Capsules are not intended for use in females.
  • The misuse of this medicine for other purposes can have serious health risks and is to be discouraged.

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