Neuropathic pain is the weirdest pain in the body that develops due to nerve damage, injury in tissues or burning of skin or amputation of the limb or because of deep compression of the nerves. Certain medical conditions such as diabetes, exposure to radiations that are effective in treating HIV/AIDS or Cancer, Syphilis infection, Fibromyalgia, vitamin deficiency and sometimes the genetics of the person is also responsible to induction of threatening pain of nerve damage. Exposure to certain toxic chemicals, drugs or excessive boozing can worsen the nature of nerve pain.    

Neuropathy shoots in the patient when the nerve cells communication gets disturbed between the between the brain and spinal cord and instead of receiving correct signals patient begin to sense frustratingly painful symptoms such as stinging, burning, itching, pinning, stabbing, pricking, needles and sometimes the region get sensation less too making you feel numb.

Life of patient that has been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy is painful and rarely he gets relief in his or her body. This pain has a specific characteristic that it goes worse in the nighttime and in certain specific temperature or under the effect of weather, overexertion or sometimes it is caused by putting too much pressure on the nerve simply by sitting or lying in a wrong posture can make the situation go adversely. The milder cases to neuropathic pain can be relieved by an Acupuncture technique and massaging whereas the chronic case needs treatment with pain killers like Lyrica. Buy Lyrica Online from our online drug portal at reliable price with discount.

Lyrica enfolding Pregabalin has a valiant record for relieving the unspecific origin of nerve pain to reduction in inflammation. Nerve pain is one of those ailments that can’t be treated with any alternative medicine but it is specifically countered by a class of medication Anti-convulsive or Anti-seizures. Though the exact mechanism of medicine is unknown studies say that Lyrica binds to the GABA (A) receptor site in CNS to influx the chloride ions so as to neutralize the effect of unbalanced charges over hyper excited nerves hence slithers the generation of unpleasing sensations. 

Dosing of Lyrica :

Lyrica medicine is accessible in concentrates of 50, 75, 100, 150, & 250mg in unit dose form of a capsule. Gulp this pill only with water either before or after having the meals. The dosing to be administered to the patient varies with respect the medical condition patient is dealing with like in case of diabetic peripheral neuropathy the dosing to be administered is 100mg thrice a day whereas for management of Neuralgia the dosing that is effective in a patient is 75-150 mg twice/day. On other pain due to Fibromyalgia can be put in control by dosing strength of 300-450 mg/day.

As an advisory a patient can take the below mentioned:

  • Patients with low blood pressure are not recommended for Lyrica medicine
  • Long-term use of Pregabalin is not suggested due to dependence it develops in patients
  • Addiction and sudden withdrawal both can create threatening effects in patients

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