If you’re concerned about hair fall, then don’t be. By the age of 40 over one half of males will have begun to handle the problem of male pattern baldness, so you in fact aren’t alone.

The excellent news is that this hair loss can be overturned if it’s resulting from factors such as medicines or stress, so it’s well worth getting some perfect hair fall remedy which could possibly help to restore your locks to their previous beauty.


With Rogaine Extra Strength, the positive effects can be observed in as early as 2 months vs. 4 months with standard strength. Your victory in achieving hair growth depends on you and your dedication to a twice a day application of Rogaine daily, used on the scalp and use the proper dosage. Your excellent outcomes with Rogaine Extra Strength must crop up by 12 months. Rogaine Extra Strength hair loss solution is approved for use in males with age 18 to 65 years.

Rogaine Extra Strength hair loss solution contains the chief medicament, Generic Minoxidil, responsible for treating androgenetic alopecia in men. This medication is for external use only (remember it is only for scalp; do not apply on other areas).


How does Rogaine extra strength solution work?

Generic Minoxidil works by dilating the blood vessels present in the scalp, in turn enhancing the blood circulation to the hair follicles. This is how this medication stimulates hair growth.


How to use Rogaine extra strength solution?

This medication is used on the affected areas of the scalp usually two times per day. It may take twice every day applications for a minimum number of 2 months for any hair re-growth to become visible. If your hair growth is promoted, you would need to keep applying Rogaine two times a day for the hair to continue growing. Regrown hair may fade away 3 to 4 months after you discontinue using Rogaine extra strength solution.


Rogaine extra strength solution should only be applied on dry scalp and hair. Your hands must be washed and cleaned well before and after the use of this medication. 1ml of the Rogaine solution is applied two times in a day, once in the morning and other in the evening about half an hour before bedtime. The hair loss solution is massaged gently into the affected scalp regions. You are supposed to leave about 12 hours between applications. Also avoid applying more than 1ml for each Rogaine application and never use this solution for more than twice a day.


What to consider before using Rogaine extra strength hair loss solution?

  • Avoid use of Rogaine extra strength solution on inflamed or broken skin.
  • This medication is flammable, thus avoid using it near any naked heat source or flame, or while smoking.
  • Males with no family history of hair loss, hair loss that is abrupt and/or irregular, or when the main reason for hair loss is unidentified, and then they should not use this medication.
  • You should not use Generic Minoxidil solution if you are already taking any drug for high blood pressure.


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