We all face different circumstances in life. We live both good and bad times. Well for a woman there are more fetters in life. She only has to compromise her desires and freedom for the sake of family and children. She never gets the time to concentrate on herself. She takes all the pain of her family but nobody cares for her desires. Many women had sacrificed their career just for the welfare of their family. They had compromised their professional life just to take care of the family.  A woman is always pressurized by the society and family to give preference to her family life. Many times a woman gets pregnant without her wish and she has to carry on with it even if she is not interested. If she feels to abort the pregnancy and continue with her career, no body supports her. She has to live the life she never wanted to live. Well now, the situation for women is going to be changed because now there is a secret way to abort. If you want to abort your gestation without telling, your families then use RU486. Pregnancy Abortion Pill  are the abortion pills that can be used in privacy and nobody will be able to know about your abortion.

RU486 is the maximum used abortion pill available in the market. It is designed for those women who are bearing unwished pregnancy and are not happy with it. It helps them to end their pregnancy safely and privately. Therefore, this medicine is highly demanded by women who are not ready for surgical abortion or abortion using home remedies. It helps a woman to accomplish her decision of abortion in privacy.

RU486 has Mifepristone as its principal element. Mifepristone is classified under progesterone antagonists. It acts by blocking progesterone and by declining the uterine wall. It encourages the ripening of cervix. It promotes the abortion by causing the separation of the fetus and the uterus.

The RU486 pack consists of three pills of Mifepristone each 200mg. You have to take all the pills as single dose through the mouth. After two days, go to your gynecologist to confirm your abortion. You have to take two pills of Misoprostol each 200mcg in case you are having an incomplete abortion. After two days, go to the clinic for a medical checkup to confirm the complete abortion.

RU486 show certain side effects as excessive vaginal bleeding, breast tenderness, abdominal pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, depression, tiredness, or diarrhea.

Safety measures:

  • RU486 should not be taken if you have ectopic gestation that means that you are bearing pregnancy outside the womb.
  • RU486 should not be taken if you are using anticoagulants or corticosteroids.
  • RU486 should not be taken if you are having Addison disease, liver, kidney or bleeding disorder. In such conditions, RU486 is not safe to use.