Cenforce is an effectual ED drug used for the cure of a male state of sexual incapacity or erectile dysfunction. Apart from this in some medical case, Cenforce is also intended for the cure of pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Erection is the medical health issue, which is face by the male population at a certain point of age. The main causes cited for the erection may be physical and mental health issues. A male who are habitual of regular smoking and drinking are very common to face the erection disorders.  

Individual who is having the regular habit of consuming alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, and additional drugs for a longer period of time that hurt sexual function when they take part in with their partner to overcome this sexual disorder you to escape the usage of alcohol, smoking and must do exercise daily. If an individual is not having sufficient time t follow this routine can take another option is medical remedy Cenforce 200 mg is the best medical method to treat the problem of erection.

How Cenforce works to improve the male sexual ability. 

Generic Sildenafil Citrate is the strong component of Cenforce which falls under the group of Phosphodiesterase type 5-enzyme inhibitor, which carries out its mechanism by inhibiting the PDE type-5 enzyme, which is accountable for impotence in male. The chief move toward working of Cenforce is to amplify the blood flow towards the penile region. Cenforce pills usually have the maximum action on the problem of erectile dysfunction. It may helpful to continue and uphold an erection in a correct manner in men.

Dosage instruction to be followed to consume Cenforce:

The recommended dose of Cenforce is to consume single tablet orally with a full glass of water. This medicine can be taken with or without food. Consume this medicine 50-60 minutes previous to the intimacy session. It is effectiveness for next four hours.  Cenforce is to be consuming d only when there is a sexual desire so no one has to worry about the missed dose. But you must stay away from an overdose of Cenforce it may be fatal for life. The symptoms you may see after an overdose includes prolonged painful erection which continues for more than 4 hours and over excitation.

You may face certain side effects after consuming Cenforce 

Inflammation in hands or legs, unclear vision, vomiting, headache, buzzing sound in the ear, abdominal pain, over excitement, a painful erection which last for 4 hours.

Pay attention!!!

Individual should not take care of certain things while you consume this drug such as:

  • Keep away from the use of Cenforce if he is hypersensitive to generic Sildenafil citrate.
  • If he is suffering from any kind of liver or kidney disease you must have to evade the use of Cenforce.
  • It is better to avoid using Cenforce if you are suffering from Thyroid gland disorder.
  • Don't use Cenforce along with nitrate derivative.
  • Avoid the intake of alcoholic beverages and grape juice while you are on treatment with Cenforce.
  • It will be better to avoid consumption of high fatty food.

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