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Payment Methods

Best Payment Methods

We protect customer privacy that includes customer information, their payment transaction and also their purchase. Customer security is our top concern.

Customer will experience high level of comfort while shopping on our website. We offer two different payment options:

  • E-Check payment option
  • Western Union payment option


E- Check method: E-check payment option is only for U.S customers. It will save your time and money as it is an automatic billing option and also reduce the trouble of writing checks.

Customer has to provide their,

  • Bank routing number
  • Bank account number
  • Name on your bank account

Payment will be debited automatically from the check account.

Western Union method: Western union payment method is for all other customer. It is one of the quick, reliable and suitable methods to send and receive money globally.

Each transfer is tracked by using MTCN (Money Control Transfer Number). This number is given to receiver to make sure that only the receiver will collect money.

All our customer payment is kept secure and is encrypted.

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